We are the web agency

Let us take you to a whole new level

Technology makes everything possible*

We're not used to say "it's impossible". Sometimes, something can be way too expensive to be profitable. Then we are looking for some workaround to make it happen and still meet the needs.

We make our clients' work easier

Technology is intended to be a human ally, not enemy.

Everyone has different technology capabilities. We do our best to make our clients feel comfortable with our products.

Our software backends are often handcrafted to fit clients' customs and posibilities. We are crazy about making a software as easy to maintain as possible.

* traveling faster than light not included

Work routine

We mainly work with php5/(mysql|postgres)/html/css technologies set.

We often invite our clients to our Redmine instance. It makes our team work even more efficent.

How we charge?

We are used to charge our clients in two different ways: charge by the project or charge hourly. It's always up to you, which way you'd like to be charged. However, in reality, we always charge by the project when we work with a client occasionally. If our cooperation is permament, we prefer to charge hourly from 30€, down to 15€

Contact us

We are always open

You can contact us anytime you need. We promise to answer your query as soon as possible. Within our core office hours (9am - 2pm CET) you should not wait longer than one hour to get a respond.

Contact information

We are located in Silesia, Poland. It's a nice place which we truly love. If you'd like to meet us here, call us first to make an appointment.

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